The Support Behind the Tiger Foundation

The Tiger Foundation relies solely on donations from our generous friends and alumni. The following is a list of donors who supported the Tiger Foundation from 2012–2014. (To make a correction or to add your graduating class year, email us today or send a note to our mailing address.)

Mr. and Mrs. Jon (Tiffany) Adams

Mr. Lloyd D. Akagi

Mr. Kevin Anderson, Class of 1985


Art Porter Music Education, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Austin

Mr. R. Robert Bailey

The Hon. Kristine G. Baker and Mr. John K. Baker

Ms. Susan L. Baker, Class of 1987

Ms. Joan Baldridge-Ballard and Mr. George S. Ballard

Bank of America Matching Gift Program

Ms. Brenda S. Barber, Mr. Rick Wells, and Mr. Baker Wells

Mr. Jeffrey Bemberg, Bemberg Iron Works, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey (Sue) Bemberg

Mr. and Mrs. Conrid Clyde (Katherine S.) Berry and Mr. Tanner Berry, in honor of Mrs. Melinda Beith and Mr. Scott Whitfield

Mrs. Pam J. Blank

Mr. and Mrs. Vidal Blanco

Mr. Bob Bomar, Class of 1979

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bowman, Gene Bowman, Class of 1960

Mrs. Shirley Russell Y. Bridges, Class of 1956

Mr. Aristo C. Brizzolara, IV

Mrs. Cynthia H. Burns

Mr. Jim Burrow

Mr. and Mrs. Kent T. (Amy G.) Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Louis (Ila) Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Jody (Debra) Carreiro

Class of 1956, Little Rock Central High School

Class of 1960, Little Rock Central High School

Mrs. Rogers (Ellon) Cockrill

Mr. and Mrs. Lesley Don (Nancy Susan) Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. (Patti) Coleman, Charlie Coleman, Class of 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. (Connie) Coleman, II

Mr. and Mrs. N. Frank (Pat Stegall) Collins, Pat Collins, Class of 1960

Ms. Kimra Cook and Mr. William A. Wilson, in thanksgiving for Mr. Scott Whitfield

Mrs. Hope Coulter

Mr. Nate Coulter

Dr. and Mrs. Willis (Pam Brown) Courtney

Mr. Ross Cranford

Ms. Martha D. Crosby

Mr. Carl T. Cross, Class of 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Jim (Patti) Dailey in honor of Mrs. Nancy Rousseau, LRCH Principal

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. (Margaret K.) Dearnley

Mr. and Mrs. David (Beth) Deere

Mr. and Mrs. Haskell (Peggy) Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. (Laura L.) Doramus

Mr. John E. Doyle

Mrs. Beverly Sanford Eberle, Class of 1956

Mr. John W. Eggleston, Class of 1973

Mr. William H. Eldridge, Class of 1951

Mr. and Mrs. W. David (Laura F.) Elrod

Mr. Mgen W. P. Eshelman USMC (Ret.)

Mrs. Marianne L. Estes

Ms. Linda Ferstl

Mr. and Mrs. John (Kilynn) Fogelman

Mr. and Mrs. James M. (Mary Patricia) Fowler, Jr., in honor of Angela Claire Brown

Mr. Byron L. Freeland, Class of 1965

Mr. and Mrs. William F. (Sibyl K.) Galbraith

Dr. Harold L. Gentry, Class of 1956

Mr. and Mrs. William B. (Shelley C.) Gentry

60 Mr. Christopher R. Gibson

Mr. J. David Gill, Class of 1988

Mrs. John P. (Marjem Jackson) Gill, Class of 1956

Mr. Ward P. Gill, Class of 1985

Mrs. Elizabeth Gill Myers, Class of 1984

Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Betty) Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg (Terry) Greenway

Ms. Mary Ellen Guise

Mrs. Melissa Ripling Guldin

Ms. Catsy Collard Gunn, Class of 1956

Ms. Betsy Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. (Nancy Barr) Hall, Nancy Hall, Class of 1953

Mrs. Jeanne Hamilton

Ms. Martha L. Hamilton

Dr. Sybil Jordan Hampton

Ms. Angelynn C. Hardcastle

Mr. Rush F. Harding

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. (Cynthia L.) Harkey

Mr. and Mr. William E. (Suzanne F.) Harmon, William Harmon, Class of 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Leotis (Tina) Harris, Jr., Leotis Harris, Jr., Class of 1992

Mr. K. W. Muskie Harris, Class of 1973

Col. and Mrs. Keith D. (Rayma Jean) Hawkins, USAF (Ret.)

Mr. Rhonda K. Hawley

Mrs. Betty F. Hendricks, Class of 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. (Betty A.) Herron

Mrs. Joyce V. Hightower in memory of her mother, Ella Virginia Elliott Joyner, the late members of Mrs. Hightower’s Class of 1955, and in honor of her siblings, Barbara Joyner Eakin, Class of 1949, Joe Elliott Joyner, Class of 1960, and Al Joyner, Jr., (Bo), Class of 1965

Mr. F. Charles Hiller

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lee (Annette) Hoffman, Class of 1956

Mrs. Brenda H. Hogan

Mr. Cyril Hollingsworth, Class of 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Alan (Lisa) Hope

Hussman Family Foundation

Irwin Partners, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Clark (Megan A.) Irwin, Class of 2005

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. (Ann) Ivey, Ann Ivey, Class of 1960

Dr. Richard F. Jacobs

The Janet Jones Company

Jan-Pro of Arkansas, LLC

Mr. Jim D. Johnson

Ms. Sally S. Johnson and Mr. Carlos A. Lopez

Dr. and Mrs. John C. (Julie S.) Jones in honor of Julie Keller for leading the Steinway Piano Restoration Project

Mrs. Peggy A. Jones

Mr. W. Wilson Jones

The Rev. Dr. Christoph (Julie) Keller, III, Chris Keller, Class of 1973, in honor of Mary Olive Murphy Keller, Class of 2008

Ms. Elisabeth Keller and the Rev. Steven Bonsey, Elisabeth Keller, Class of 1975

Miss Mary Olive Murphy Keller, Class of 2008

Mr. T. Christoph Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin (Elicia S.) Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. John C. (Debbie R.) Kincaid

Missy Darwin Kincaid, Class of 1983, in honor of Amy Darwin, Class of 1985

Mr. Ronald Kitts, Class of 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. (Gaye Dallas) Knight

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Z. (Kathrine F.) Kuo

Mr. and Mrs. Baker (Virginia) Kurrus

Dr. and Mrs. Terry W. (Sandra K.) Kuykendall

Ms. Carlotta Lanier, Class of 1960

Mr. Charles L. Lawbaugh, Class of 1960

Ms. Kaye Leonard

Little Rock High School/Little Rock Central High School Alumni Association

Little Rock Central High School Class of 1956

Little Rock Central High School Class of 1960

Little Rock Central High School 2013-2014 Student Body

Mr. Christopher L. Logan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Nell Weaver) Lyford

Mr. and Mrs. Virgle E. (Sandra R.) Lyons, Jr., Class of 1960

Mr. Justin Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart S. (Suzanne O.) Mackey

Ms. Becky A. Marks

Mr. L. L. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Garth (Joann Berry) Martin

Mrs. Nell Matthews in honor of her children, Maribeth Mock and Matthew Mock

Mr. and Mrs. Phil E. (Brenda L.) Matthews

Mr. Jed McCaleb

Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Judy Stout) McCarthy, Judy McCarthy, Class of 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Grady L. (Ann A.) McCoy, in honor of and in memory of Hazel Kathryn Savage Askew

Mr. Thomas H. McGowan

Mrs. Joanne B. McLendon

Mr. and Mrs. Chris (Susan) Melton

Mr. and Mrs. Tom P. (Monica E.) Mills

Mrs. Mary G. Millsap

M.J. Kelly Company Arkansas

Mr. and Mrs. Justin T. (Katherine B.) Mitchell

Morley Law Firm, PLLC

Mr. and Mrs. Ira E. (Janet R.) Moore

Moses Tucker Real Estate, Inc.

Justice and Mrs. W. David (Carolyn L.) Newbern

Ms. Joyce M. Nible, Class of 1956

Ms. Linda B. Nicholson, Class of 1956

Dr. and Mrs. Sam (Bonnie) Nickol, in honor of their daughter, Julie N. Felsen

Mrs. William C. Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. M. David (Vivian) Norman in honor of Beth Norman and Anna Norman

Mr. Pat O’Brien, Class of 1973

Ms. Edith Paal

Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. (Paula G.) Parke, III

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mack (Robin) Parker

Ms. Mary Kell Parker, Class of 1956

Mr. Hamilton Peek

Mrs. Mary Carolyn Pendleton, Class of 1942

Mr. and Mrs. Tad (Nancy) Phillips

Ms. Gail G. Pitts, Class of 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plegge, Frank Plegge, Class of 1956

Mr. Norvell N. Plowman, Class of 1961

Powers of Arkansas


PTSA of Little Rock Central High School

Mr. and Mrs. H. Terry (Mary Lou) Rasco

Mr. W. H. Rath, Class of 1956

Mrs. Jo Ann Wells Ratliff, Class of 1962

Rebsamen Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis E. (Sandra L.) Register

Mr. and Mrs. David T. (Lena) Rennie, David Rennie, Class of 1952

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. (Barbara Brown Ayres) Revis, Barbara Revis, Class of 1956

Mrs. Peyton E. (Betty) Rice, Class of 1942

Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Elaine) Riggins

Mr. Lamar W. Riggs, Class of 1956

Mrs. Virginia B. Riggs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. (Stacy J.) Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Gary (Sandra) Robinson, Class of 1960

Mr. Don Rogers

Ms. Lisa Ronis

Mr. and Mrs. Steve (Jennifer A.) Ronnel

Dr. Cynthia Susan Ross

Mr. Martin Ross

Mr. Burl C. Rotenberry

Mrs. Nancy Rousseau, Principal, Little Rock Central High School

Mr. Christian T. Rudder

Mr. Adam D. Rule

Mr. J. Chris Rule

Mr. Nick Rule

Mr. Herbert C. Rule, III, Class of 1955

Mr. James B. Rule in memory of Joan Rule Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. John L. (Barbara B.) Rush, Class of 1956

Sage, Inc. DBA Arnold Audio

Mrs. Nancy F. Sakal, Class of 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Hammond (Gwynne) Satterfield, Hammond Satterfield, Class of 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Tom N. (Susan K.) Schallhorn, in honor of Caroline Schallhorn Clarke on the occasion of the 20th reunion of her Class of 1993.

Mrs. Louis (Carolyn) Schaufele

Mr. Charles L. Schlumberger, in memory of Mary Schlumberger

Miss Carolyn V. Scruggs

Miss Carolyn V. Scruggs, birthday memorial in memory of Dr. Calvin R. Ledbetter, Jr.

Ms. Barbara Shaddox, Class of 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. (Jennifer) Shannon

Mr. Dan Shelton

Mr. Kell Shenep

Mrs. Mildred Shumard, Class of 1940

Mr. and Mrs. John E. (Netta Jackson) Simek, Netta Simek, Class of 1956

Ms. Dana Patterson-Sims

Dr. and Mrs. James M. (Barbara Hutson) Sims, Barbara Sims, Class of 1958

Smiley Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Brian Smith

Mr. R. C. Smith

The Rev. Susan Sims Smith and Dr. G. Richard Smith, Jr.

Mrs. Anne W. Speed

The Sportstop

Ms. Kathryn B. States

Dr. and Mrs. Ed (Kay) Stephens, Kay Stephens, Class of 1960

Mr. and Mrs. Eric (Milanne) Sundell

Mr. and Mrs. Justin (Tracy) Tackett

Tarpley Law Firm

Ms. Sally J. Tarrant

Ms. Cheryl Laughter Taylor, Class of 1976

Mr. Robert P. Taylor

Mr. Evans Thalheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Melissa) Thoma

Thoma Thoma

Dr. and Mrs. A. Henry (Marti) Thomas

Dr. Thomas Tell Tyler Thompson

Mrs. C. E. (Oretha Thomas) Toland, Class of 1942

Trinity Cathedral Parish, Dr. Thomas C. Lee, Organist and Director of Music

Mr. and Mrs. Everett C. (Toni) Tucker, IV, Clarke Tucker, Class of 1999

Mr. and Mrs. John E. (Martha) Tull, III

Ms. Gloria O. Venable

Mr. and Mrs. Tim (Marsha Ann) Viala, Classes of 1969 and 1971

Miss Hannah K. Vogler

Mr. Jim Wallis, Class of 1956

Mr. Brad Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy D. (Edie A.) Walker

Mr. and Mrs. John L. (Betty S.) Ward, Class of 1956

Mr. James Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Kent C. (Jonnie K.) Westbrook

Mr. and Mrs. K. Coleman (Sarah L.) Westbrook, Jr.

Westover Hills Presbyterian Church, Rev. Frank LeBlanc, Senior Pastor

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. (Betty Ruth Kitts) White, Betty Ruth White, Class of 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Whipple

Mr. John C. Whisnant, Class of 1973

Mr. Gerald D. White in honor of his daughter, Elizabeth Ashley White Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. (Betty Ruth Kitts) White, Betty Ruth White, Class of 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. (Joyce) Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. (Terrie B.) Wilkerson

Mr. and Mrs. Darrin (Nicole S.) Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon (Caron Gupton) Williams

Mr. Reed Willett

Dr. and Mrs. R. Sloan Wilson

Mrs. Caroline Keller Winter

Mr. and Mrs. James Anthony (C. Renee’) Wise in honor of Mr. Scott Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Wood in honor of the birthday of Mr. Dick Neikirk

Mr. and Mrs. Jim (Ellen) Yeary, Mack Yeary, and Henry Yeary, in memory of Mrs. Charlotte Abernathy, Ellen Yeary, Class of 1979

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