Enhancing Academic Achievement

One of the Tiger Foundation’s major areas of emphasis is supporting academic programs in this already high-performing institution. In 2013, Little Rock Central High School produced 18 National Merit Semifinalists, a 92.7% graduation rate and a graduating class that accepted more than $13,330,000 in scholarships.

To bolster these strong numbers, the Tiger Foundation has placed an emphasis on technological upgrades, primarily through mobile laptop computer labs — a consistent area of need for the school.

The Investments

The following are some of the investments the Tiger Foundation has made to support academics:

• The Tiger Foundation funded three mobile laptop computer labs, allowing students to access this essential technology on a regular basis. More computer labs are needed, each carrying a price tag of $29,000, making continued Foundation support in this area critical.

• The Tiger Foundation assisted the English Department in purchasing textbooks not included in the department’s budget.

The Return

The Tiger Foundation is proud to share where we allocate our resources to support Little Rock Central High School. However, what we are most excited about is not where the money goes, but the impact it is having on the lives of Tiger students and faculty. See first-hand how your support is enhancing academic achievement at Little Rock Central High School.

“The laptop lab allowed us to practice an in-class version of our Independent Research Project. It allowed Miss Burleson to show us how to set up graphs and tables, as well as clarify different points of the project. I feel like my grade will be much better because of the laptops.”

– Norel McAdoo, Class of 2018

“The laptops helped a bunch by allowing us to work out problems, set up sources, use Word and Excel while Miss Burleson showed us how via the Smartboard. They helped save us.”

– Austin Tyler Cheslek, Class of 2018

“The use of laptops in the classroom allowed me to teach my students how to use different aspects of Word and Excel — required elements of our Independent Research Project. Students were able to practice formatting pages with Headers/Footers, insert tables and graphs, etc. Many students stated they will now be changing some of their papers before they turn them in and thanked us for doing this project in class. This wouldn’t have been possible without the laptops.”

– Kim Burleson, Pre-AP Physical Science Teacher