Empowering Artistic Endeavors

Little Rock Central High School offers a celebrated arts curriculum that provides students significant opportunities to engage in new endeavors or excel at existing passions. The Tiger Foundation is proud to support these efforts, providing strategic assistance for the school’s visual arts, studio arts, and music and choral programs.

The Investments

The following are some of the major initiatives that the Tiger Foundation supported in 2014:

Saving Our Steinway

The most enduring artifact at Little Rock Central High is the school’s original 1927 Steinway and Sons Model A Extended grand piano. The instrument has been enjoyed by thousands of students, teachers and members of the wider community through the decades. Despite the instrument’s value and significance, it has fallen into disrepair over the years.

Thanks to many generous donations designated specifically for this project, the piano was restored to its original grandeur, a rehabilitation that took a full year to complete at a cost of approximately $37,000. A “Welcome Home” Concert was held on September 27, 2015.

Stage Curtain Replacement

The stage at Little Rock Central High is a place dear to many current and former students, and serves as the platform to inform and inspire future generations. The main stage curtain, valance and hardware, the most visible components of the stage, were in desperate need of replacement. The Foundation raised the funds needed to pay for this $30,000 project, and the new curtain was installed before the Steinway concert on September 27.

The Return

The Tiger Foundation is proud to share where we allocate our resources to support Little Rock Central High School. However, what we are most excited about is not where the money goes, but the impact it is having on the lives of Tiger students and faculty. See first-hand how your support is empowering artistic endeavors at Little Rock Central High School.

“Having the restored Steinway will enable us to perform a higher level of choral music with more complicated accompaniments.”

– Scott Whitfield, Choir Director